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look into my eyes baby eyes

razzle dazzle
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♥Razzberry_Eyes, A Stock Icon Journal.
Welcome to the Icon Journal of razzberry_eyes Feel free to take a look around and if you like what you see, please friend me.
[]The Rules[]

Even if you don't take anything..
I'd love some feedback.
I don't kno if ppl like wat i make unless they let me kno.
Com'n. Constructive critizism would be awesome!

This is a must.
I work hard on anything I post here, so I'd appreciate it if you'd do me the common courtesy of crediting me for my work..k?

Also let me kno if there is anything specific you're interested in.
Right now, i'm just making icons of things that interest me.
So it'd be cool to kno wat ya'll are interested in, as well.
"We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle."
— Marilyn Monroe
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[]the girl[]
i am a 27 yr old southern princess, who is obsessed with Adam Lambert & says fuck a lot ;)
i loooove Emily Dickinson poetry, chocolate cake, the color blue, horses, & chihuahuas!